Thursday, 18 November 2010

Croota Underwear - so fakes are a bargain?

Croota Underwear - a brief case study of the dilemma between genuine and fake products sold on the Internet

Croota Underwear - the dilemma between genuine and fake products sold on the Internet

My ecommerce website specialises in selling male designer underwear. It has existed on-line for five years but only in the past year has the problem of fake Chinese replicas branded under the same name become a real problem. To be more specific, I would ask you to look at the two images of what is supposed to be the same product. (A) is taken from a site which has a reputation for selling only the genuine article. (B) is taken from another (Asian) site - I will not name and shame - which reportedly sells the same (branded) article.
(A) (B)
IMAGE A12666674740.jpg
Not much difference one could say from the point of view of the Internet client wishing to puchase a pair of Croota boxers. True - problem is Article A comes from my store and retails at over $23 dollars. Article B comes from a Chinese store and retails for just over $7 dollars. My objection, do not get me wrong, is not competition but UNFAIR competition which claims it is selling the genuine article for one third of the price. Knowing the wholesale price of the goods (just over $14 for me from the genuine Croota manufacturer), I know that the other product is a fake. There is no other answer.
So what can I do about it? In true terms precious little. Complaint to the Chinese Ministry, complaint to google or eBay as listing it as genuine - my experience in the latter cases is do not be expecting an answer to your email tomorrow morning. No one cares. I do believe, however, that certain commercial ethics should make large search engines and sites such as eBay responsibility for not taking any action to protect the producer and seller of the genuine article.
So what can I really do about it? Basically, I advise on my website on the presence and the disadvantages of buying the branded fake. Let them wash it five times and see the colours made, let them watch the sewed trimming loosen after two weeks. Then decide if your $7 dollar purchase is the right one as you through your precious Croota boxers in the trash.

About the Author

Colin McCullough has worked for some five years on search engine optimization, both onsite and off. His interests include internet marketing, technology supported learning and automated translation processes. He has consulted for a number of male designer underwear companies helping to promote their search engine visibility and ecommerce efforts,

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Find Croota Underwear in Europe MV4MEN

Since the new male designer underwear company Croota started waves in Australia, where can you order in Europe - MV4MEN

For all followers of the male fashion scene and, in particular, new ranges in men's designer underwear, one of the names making the current headlines is definitely Croota - a Korean/Australian brand featuring great styles, even better colours and prices that are not going to break the bank. Below just a sample of their current offer. Click on the image for greater detail.

This is the NEO NIGHT boxer. Neo Night is a fabulous low-rise boxer with broad elastic waist. It has a padded pouch to enhance your package and the creative contrast logo on the waistband gives it a stylish finish. As you can see it is available in white with dark blue trimming and logo or in black with red logo waist band and trimmings. Looks and feels fantastic on the body. If you are looking for a European supplier of Croota your search is over. MV4MEN is your answer. Click here for a full view of the Croota male designer underwear range at MV4MEN

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Croota Cats Light Boxer from MV4MEN

Cat's Light - one of the most popular boxers from Croota

One of the best selling items from the Croota male underwear range 2010 is the Cat's Light Boxer. Available in either white with red trim or black with white trim satin material this is a boxer which can be worn anywhere.
MV4MEN has the whole 2010 Croota underwear range available on line including Croota's designer vest. For a closer look at the whole range click on the logo below.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Genuine Croota not Chinese Fakes

Croota imitations and fakes from China

Croota should take it as a complement that the Chinese export market has started producing and selling their range BIG TIME on the Internet. It has joined the ranks of Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein and Prada. Sound great - but think twice about what you get for your money.

Having looked at the Chinese fakes and having actually gone to the trouble of buying a few pairs - Star Tang and Cats Light to be more specific, my comments are the following. The Chinese fakes look great on their website (maybe they even use the genuine Croota item for marketing purposes. But try them one and you will notice one hell of a difference. The sewing is lousy, the material looks the same but the quality is certainly inferior. So take my advice - if you want to be seen in Croota then be seen int he real thing - at around $20 for the genuinbe product you will not regret your decision.

The genuine Croota has now hit the Russian market big time - see image below.

Straight Cuts boxer brief Croota

Straight Cuts - Croota boxer brief does it again

Things are going well for Croota, constantly coming out with new products and not waiting for summer and winter collections like most designers. The Straight Cuts boxer/brief is one of their best selling items at the moment. Feedback from buyers indicates they are snug, comfortable and that they like the material and the colours. What more do you want in a pair of designer underwear for $24, I ask?

This Australian company seems to be breaking all the barriers. Originally a small Australian designer, their ranges are fast appearing in Japan, Europe and the USA. Perhaps the big times of Armani and Calvin Klein are over. At least Croota is sure giving them a run for their money on international markets - and that goes for prices as well. Have a look at the latest Croota range on our discount MV4MEN store.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cats Rain Croota

The male underwear design with pockets - Cats Rain from Croota

Probably the most popular item in the Croota underwear design line, Cat's Rain combines excellent quality with design. Available in light or harder background wolour (compate above and below in image) and with the authentic croota logo on the back. Unual is it also has pockets which seems innovative and is catching on with the fashion crowd. This fashion garmet retails at US$22.50 or EURO16 and we at mv4men guarantee discount worldwide shipping within 24 hours fo placing your order.

Friday, 5 November 2010

CROOTA Boxer Checkpoint at Ecrater

Checkpoint Boxer from Croota at Ecrater discount prices

One of my favourite boxer/briefs from the 2010 Croota collection is the Checkpoint range. This item comes on sizes XL, L, M and S and is characterused by great moulded body contours with fashionable ribbed pattern and white waist and leg trim. As always the telling Croota authentic logo is on the rear.

This is affordable designer men's underwear fashion as it retails for $US 22 or Euro 15.40. Check out the full current Croota range of boxers, briefs and vests at mv4men.com